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Creamy Emulsified Body Polish

Our Creamy Emulsified Body Polish combines exfoliation and hydration to leave skin soft and supple. Our body polish is a sugar-based emulsified scrub that contains wonderful moisturizing ingredients like mango butter and sweet almond oil. When combined with water, our polish turns into a lotion-like consistency, eliminating the hassle and mess associated with traditional sugar scrubs. The phenomenal ingredients incorporated into our body polish help nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it smooth and moisturized after exfoliation. ✨

* Fragrance is a warm, rich blend of cocoa, brown sugar and vanilla bean.
* Fragrance Free, Unscented Version Available.

Prefer a different fragrance?
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***Please click the selection for allergies if you have known allergies ex/ coconut allergy, nut or almond allergy, etc.
I will reach out to you personally to confirm and ensure your product will be free from any allergens****