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LLB Signature Collection

LLB Signature Collection encompasses our entire product selection, including our Whipped Body Butter, Nourishing Body Oil, Moisturizing Hair Growth oil, Shea & Oat moisturizer (not pictured) and Exfoliating Emulsified Body Scrub! Step up your self-care routine by using these products in harmony. Your skin will be the softest, most hydrated and the most radiant it's ever been. 🌟

Get all 5 of our signature products for a great deal!

* Fragrance is a warm, rich blend of cocoa, brown sugar and vanilla bean.
* Fragrance Free, Unscented Version Available.

Prefer a different fragrance?
Click the option to choose your scent to customize the fragrance of your whipped body butter, scrub, oil, and lotion.

***Please click the selection for allergies if you have known allergies ex/ coconut allergy, nut or almond allergy, etc.
I will reach out to you personally to confirm and ensure your product will be free from any allergens****